SustainaBUILD Ottawa

Ottawa has the highest per capita square footage of office space of any market in Canada.  The city also has a housing sector with an above average amount of multi-unit residential properties.

However, owners, landlords, and property managers in Ottawa face a significant challenge because a large majority of the office properties are B and C class – an aging stock with lower levels of energy efficiency, fewer environmental qualities, and marginal building performance.  Many apartment buildings have similar characteristics beginning with electric baseboard heating and other signposts of a past era.

With most new developments targeted to achieve top levels of LEED certification, higher building performance, greater energy efficiency, and many other features of green properties, what does the future hold for the older stock?

What can owners and managers realistically do to upgrade and renew their buildings in order to maintain their competitiveness, occupancy levels, and net asset value?

SustainaBUILD Ottawa will provide some practical information and insightful answers to these key questions.

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